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How long does a migration take?



How long does a migration take?


Every mailbox contains a unique set of data which results in different speeds. There is no clear number that we can give you. But we are certain that if you are migrating data to or from the cloud, there is no other migration solution that can push data faster than ours. In most cases, we can comfortably migrate the average mailbox overnight. Here are some factors that affect the speed of the migration:

Simultaneous Mailbox Migrations

We have reached speeds of over 1GB/hour/mailbox when connecting to a high availability infrastructures. Migrating more mailboxes at the same time allows parallel processing and thus shrinking the duration of your migration.

MigrationWiz is able to migrate hundreds of thousands of mailboxes simultaneously at no additional cost to you. If you migrate all of your mailboxes at the same time, the migration duration is the time it takes to migrate the largest mailbox.

Network Speed

How fast are the source and destination servers connected to the internet? We are only as fast as our slowest link.

MigrationWiz was built to work across even the slowest links. We've connected to networks that range from a T1 to networks that host multiple gigabit connections. You don’t need to worry about our network speed. Depending on the data center that the migration server is located in, we will be connected with a gigabit or 10-gigabit connection.

Network Latency

The network latency is dependent on the quality of the connection between our data center and the source and destination. We utilize the fastest internet backbones available globally. We sometimes encounter connections to servers that look like they were purchased from a flea-market.

Because of our global migration farm, our connections are made from networks with low latencies.

Number Of Mailbox Items

There is a per-item transaction overhead and cost. For example, given two mailboxes with the same size but different number of items, the one with less items will migrate faster than the one with more items.

MigrationWiz was built from the grounds up and optimized to reduce network chatter. We have seen our patent pending technology move over a thousand items in less than a minute in some cases.

Mailbox Size

This one is obvious. The more data you have, the longer the migration.

When you are migrating between two hosted providers, the size of the mailbox is hardly a factor because of our massive connections to the internet.

Mailbox Errors

Errors can occur for a number of reasons, such as corrupt items, network outages, etc.

MigrationWiz contains automated self healing technology that deals with errors for you automatically in most case.

Server Load

What type of equipment is the source and destination mailbox deployed on?

You will usually not notice our migration process if you have sized your server appropriately for your organization.

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